Assignment 03 – Servo Motor Controlled by Variable Resistor – Due Thursday 10/31/2013

29 Oct

1. Read chapter 5 (pages 51-69) of course text Massimo Branzi , Getting Started with Arduino 2nd Edition.
2. Combine what you learned from Assignment 02 with the Fritzing sketch below and develop your own code to communicate with the Arduino board. For instance, use analog pin 0 to read value from potentiometer or photoresistor and use the reading to control both servo motor and LEDs.  Be sure to comment after every line of code to describe in your own words what is happening.
2. Photograph the circuit you build (video works best)
3. Post photos/videos and code to website using the following format “Homework XX – Title- Student Name”

Potentiometer knob servo_bb


Photo Sensor with servo


photoresistor with servo


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