Final Project Proposal – Kinetic Architecture – Garrett Jensen & Olivia Coughlin

2 Dec


Our project will use kinetic architecture using the idea of the roof to catch rain water for other uses such as for toilet water or for storage as backup water. Our project will be a simple structure such as a (8 in x 8 in) box with a roof sloop peaking at 3 inches. We will use a moisture resistor on one panel of the roof that will represent the structure getting hit with rain. When the resistor is activated, a servo motor connected by four pulleys, one connecting to each corner, will also be activated pulling the pulleys causing metal rods in each corner to raise and slope the roof downwards where the water will be collected in a container used to dispense into toilets or various other water related appliances within the household.




Laptop, arduino, servo motor, moisture resistor, bread board, wires, arduino/processing software

3 MDF facades, 4 metal roof panels, 1 water catching contraption, 4 retractable metal rods, string for pulleys


Dec 3 – 4

Finalize details and materials needed

Buy materials and begin constructing structure

Dec 5-10

Writing code, testing,  tweaking, troubleshooting

Complete final structure



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