Final Project Proposals – Interactive Blinds – Arthur Dunne and Alex Duden

2 Dec



Our final project proposal is to create a system of interactive blinds that react to light, a potentiometer, and a smartphone controller app.  We plan on constructing the blinds out of wood and creating  a frame out of two-by-fours to support it. We were lucky enough to borrow  a pre-wired rail of servo motors from Justin, that we will use to rotate the wooden blinds.  In addition, we already have the light sensors, switch, potentiometer, breadboard, Arduino, and smartphone, so this project will be cost efficient.

Our process will include  designing the wooden panels, constructing the frame with an electrical box on the side, assembling the components together, writing the code, wiring everything together, and programing the smartphone with a wireless controller application.  

The purpose of this design is to make a functional interactive system for a building to use as an energy saving and light filtering product.



3. Materials

1 – 6’ 2×4

6 – ⅛” or ¼” panels for the blinds

6 – servo motors

2 – light sensors

1 – push button

1 – potentiometer

1 – breadboard

1 – arduino

1 – smartphone

x – connecting wires


4. Dec 3 – 5: Arthur and Alex

-Fabricate the frame and the 6 blinds. – 2 hours

-Set up the servo motors, sensors, breadboard, and arduino – 2 hours


Dec 5 – 10: Aruthur and Alex

-Properly wire all devices – 3 hours

-Code the design – 3 hours

-Test blinds – 1 hour



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