Final Project Proposals – Shadow Box – Dennis, Kierra, Kevin

2 Dec


Our Project would be a box (about 2x2x2 feet) that interprets shadow-puppets that are casted on it by people, and project the result onto a screen.  The box would have a translucent screen on one face that would act like a screen for shadows to be casted onto.  A webcam inside the box would read the shadows (sending them to a laptop), which would be abstracted and projected onto a larger screen on a wall nearby.  An Arduino could be used to manage additional dials, sensors, and/or buttons on the box that would, for example, change the background color or cycle through textures on the projected image.

This would be a fun installation for children in a daycare or in waiting rooms, or just as an interesting art installation.



Webcam, Arduino, Laptop, Projector and screen, buttons/LEDs/dials/misc. hardware

Plywood, or similar material for box (Alternatively, a recycled object like an old TV or suitcase.  Patterns or form could be 3D printed or laser-cut.)

Translucent screen (hard or soft plastic)

External light (for shadows; could be lamp or overhead light)


Dec. 3-8

Dennis: Coding- blob detection, texturing, Arduino sensor and input management

Kevin and Kierra: Box Build- box design, sensor and input mounting, light placement, screen mounting, box finish(es)

Dec. 9-12

All: Troubleshooting (projector, misc. software issues), calibration (webcam and light placement, cam calibration), integrating parts (misc hardware issues)


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