Final Project Proposals – WalkFlow Wall Panel – Dan, Elena, Sarah, Matt

2 Dec

Proposal:  To demonstrate our knowledge of various skills acquired in this class, our group proposes building an interactive display.  This display will feature moving parts, lights, and sensors to interface with nearby persons.  The display will be in the form of a large panel that, when approached, will move smaller panels.  This will expose light hidden behind the panel and form a series of patterns.  Construction of the project will consist of a wooden support frame supporting wooden exterior panels.  Shaped holes will be cut into the exterior panels.  Beneath the exterior panels will be smaller panels that will interact with viewers based on their proximity.  Should the viewer approach, these concealed panels will move, allowing light to shine through the holes cut in the exterior panels.  This light will come from a series of colored LED bulbs concealed within the frame.  The panels will move via interfacing a motion sensor with servo motors.  The coding will be placed on an Arduino board concealed within the frame.

final project design2

Materials: Frame- Wood, wood Panels and translucent material, servo motors (4-5), Arduino Board, LED Lights (a lot – may have to find a different solution), Kinect, wires, Power source?, card stock, fishing line (the last two for the shutters).

Tuesday 12/3

Material Gathering and Assembly Preparation:

  • Dan and Sarah:

1. Purchase board materials for light’s frame system and panel coverings.

2. Laser-cut pattern for LED openings

  • Elena and Matt: Visit hardware store for necessary assembly materials (Wood glue, LED bulbs, servo motors, track materials, etc.)

Thursday 12/5

Begin Construction:

  • Matt and Sarah: Work with Justin as needed to write the code

  • Dan and Elena: Assemble the frame.

* Whatever doesn’t get finished in-class with writing the code and assembling the frame unit will need to be finished over the weekend.

Tuesday 12/10

Final Project development: Combine 2 parts of the project together (computer code applied to the physical objects in our project), work with Justin on working out the kinks of the project. Make presentation boards if necessary.

Thursday 12/12 – Final presentation!


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