Final Project Proposal – RFID Tag Wine Rack – Casey Henrichs & Tyler Cook

3 Dec

Final Project Description 

For the final project we hope to use RFID technology to trigger a series of events. The idea is to have an interactive wine rack that could be sited in Rapson courtyard for events. The wine bottles within the rack would each have an RFID tag attached to them. These tags will be programed to hold information either pertaining to the individual wines or to possible food pairings. The food pairings idea may be more rational as the tags could then be recycled among similar (but not identical) wines. The information would then be put through processing and displayed on a separate screen. This would allow for modifications to be made to text size and color.

In addition to the wine information, we hope to use the RFID tags to trigger a reaction with LEDs placed within the rack itself. We hope to be able to have a loop playing on the lights and then when a bottle is removed have the lights in that tile go dark or vise versa. It would be ideal if the loop could play in a sort of fade and then have the LEDs on at full intensity when an RFID tag is read.

The display screen and the RFID tag reader will need to be encased/framed to make the product presentable for the final review. Wood encasements look to be the most economical option.

Project Renderings/Sketches/Diagrams


Build of Materials

RFID reader: 1 Parallax: purchased

RFID tags: 6: purchased

LED strips: 12+: borrow from Justin

Arduino Board: 2: purchased

Display screen: 1: borrow from Justin

Wood to frame 15″ screen: scrap from workshop

Wood to create RFID reader mount: scrap from workshop

Project Schedule

Dec 3: Complete code writing for wine info portion of RFID tags. Discuss ways to attach RFID tags to bottles. Start work in processing.

Dec 5: Determined a way to incorporate RFID tag to command LEDs. Complete Processing parameters for text appearance.

Dec 10: Begin mounting LEDs in wine rack tiles. Decide on a final design for wooden encasements for both the display screen and RFID reader.

Dec12: Complete Project siting. Complete wood encasements for components.


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