Final Project Proposal – Interactive LED Tent – Josiah Song & Alexa Zyllo

5 Dec

Proposal: For our final project, we will be creating an interactive installation in the form of a 3-dimensional space. Specifically, our project is intended to be a cube shaped tent-like structure that can fit a human being inside while sitting down. From the inside, the walls will be able to be stretched outwards and pressed upon, which will trigger a response from 8 capacitive sensors (2 on each side) on the exterior of the cube based on the distance between hand and sensor. Based on the readings from the sensors, LED strips lining the top and bottom of the cube will change colors and brightness. The color changes will be connected to MIDI software and will be able to alter noises or sounds we install, creating an interactive space with a soothing ambience.

The code that we use to run the installation will consist of a loop that takes input readings from the capacitive sensors and continuously alters the color and brightness of the LEDS. Then, based on the current LED settings, different sounds associated with different color values will play.

The frame of the cube will be made out of PVC and measure approximately 4 ft. in length on each side. The walls will be made from a translucent fabric, most likely spandex, so that the LEDs can play off of the walls as they change color and brightness. Given cost and time restraints, it is more realistic to create a small tent for one person sitting than to create one that can fit multiple humans with standing room.


Materials: PVC pipes (50 ft.), PVC connectors (8), spandex (9 yards), LED strips (8), capacitive sensors (8), Arduino board, MIDI software, wires


Dec 3-5: Initial sketches/designs, begin coding, gather materials

Dec 6-9: Construction of project, continue code development

Dec 10-11: Complete construction and install sound features, test code, final troubleshooting

Dec 12: Present project


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