Tuesday 10.22.2013
-Course Introduction

Thursday 10.24.2013
-Arduino introduction

Tuesday 10.29.2013
-Sensors, Actuators & Electronics Theory I

Thursday 10.31.2013
-Sensors, Actuators & Electronics Theory II

Tuesday 11.05.2013
-Chain reaction exercise

Thursday 11.07.2013

Tuesday 11.12.2013
-Kinect, Leap Motion & Firefly

Thursday 11.14.2013
-Advanced chain reaction exercise

Tuesday 11.19.2013
-Precedent presentations

Thursday 11.21.2013
Final project exploration

Tuesday 11.26.2013
-Final project proposals

Thursday 11.28.2013
-Final project development (Thanksgiving – no class. but keep working!)

Tuesday 12.03.2013
-Final project development

Thursday 12.05.2013
-Final project interim review

Tuesday 12.10.2013
-Final project development

Thursday 12.12.2013
-Final project presentation


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